Straight from Twitterland via@Hyken: satisfaction is a minimum

This morning I read this great following tweet from Hyken:

« @Hyken: All satisfaction proves is that we’ve fulfilled the minimum requirement avoid a complaint. »

I could not do anything else but concur, answering that satisfaction is first and foremost the result of getting the expected done in order to start #CX

Satisfaction is not an end result per se.
Satisfaction is the raw material that will help the principle design of customer experience.
Therefore we should avoid considering satisfaction as satisfactory. Your clients’ satisfaction and Hyken is right here, is the evidence that you did the job you are expected to do and paid for.

So satisfaction is again basic contract completed. It is showing that there will be no complaints or negative buzz so far. Your clients satisfaction is not enough to create a sound competitive advantage. Just doing the job is not discriminant enough. It positions you as a mere and normal player in the customer’s ecosystem. Full stop. If you want to be a step ahead from your competitors and become the reference,  then you will have  to execute perfectly for sure,  but above all,  you will strive to emotionally engage your clients.

Post happily written by Veronique Aboghe, Happy Experiences.