Dear CEO, where does CEM exactly begin?

If you already are successfully implementing  CX in your company this is not for you.
If you consider, as a CEO, that CX is the next battle ground  for you to step in, to beat your competition, please read this post.

Dear CEO,
Did you know you should be the jealous and exclusive owner of this strategic and cultural transformation of  your company that is Customer Experience?

My point here is to simplify and share with you the set of attitudes and decisions you should pay attention to in this context.
First and foremost  let us see the way you connect with people in your company. As a C level manager and as you thrive to make your brand visible to the world, you should put the exact same kind of energy connecting with your team.

If your commitment is seen by your people and if you keep communicating with them, they will convey the same level of engagement and interest to your customers. Why? Just because they will chose to be happily aboard, they will respect your decisions as management, they will promote the products or services and be supportive of the tools, policies and procedures.When top management connects with the team, the latter finds a meaning daily and translate it into exceptional service quality and tremendous engagement. Lire la suite

Quand vacances riment avec mauvaise experience client


L’ été peut être un véritable défi pour les entreprises  quand il s’ agit de délivrer une bonne expérience client.  Elles doivent  avec un nombre réduit de collaborateurs traiter les demandes des clients qui ne baissent en rien leur niveau d’exigence. 

Qui dit équipes restreintes dit aussi  déperdition de compétences et donc réponses partielles, erronées ou pire absence totale de réponse puisque la personne en charge « est en vacances ».

Qui dit équipes réduites dit aussi perte du relationnel puisque le référent habituel est absent. Les binômes sont aujourd’hui la norme simplement, même si ceux-ci sont excellents et s’ attèlent à bien traiter le client, ils ne connaissent pas toujours l’historique relationnel. Ils ne connaissent pas non plus les habitudes, les exigences particulières et autres accords tacites préalables. Ils appliquent  la règle générale  quand le client s’ attend à un  traitement particulier.
Lire la suite

Straight from Twitterland via@Hyken: satisfaction is a minimum

This morning I read this great following tweet from Hyken:

« @Hyken: All satisfaction proves is that we’ve fulfilled the minimum requirement avoid a complaint. »

I could not do anything else but concur, answering that satisfaction is first and foremost the result of getting the expected done in order to start #CX

Satisfaction is not an end result per se.
Satisfaction is the raw material that will help the principle design of customer experience.
Therefore we should avoid considering satisfaction as satisfactory. Your clients’ satisfaction and Hyken is right here, is the evidence that you did the job you are expected to do and paid for.

So satisfaction is again basic contract completed. It is showing that there will be no complaints or negative buzz so far. Your clients satisfaction is not enough to create a sound competitive advantage. Just doing the job is not discriminant enough. It positions you as a mere and normal player in the customer’s ecosystem. Full stop. If you want to be a step ahead from your competitors and become the reference,  then you will have  to execute perfectly for sure,  but above all,  you will strive to emotionally engage your clients.

Post happily written by Veronique Aboghe, Happy Experiences.