Customer experience is now the mantra of  customer relationship.

Simply it appears that its definition and its key implementation are still unclear in the minds of many managers. Many recognize its importance, few are effectively ranking it as  top priority in their strategy and even rarer are those who succeed to translate customer experience into their daily relationship with customers. Today customer experience is probably the least known and least mastered business strategy . It is actually not easy to effectively move from the  transactionnal era into the era of  customer relationship.

Metropolis (Client album)

Successful experiences are three legged

The customer experience would not make sense if it was not in synergy with the employee experience. As the customer experience is to ensure that the customer keeps a positive emotional imprint of his relationship with the company, the employee experience is to accompany him in his search for professional meaning and well-being at work, in  his professionnal growth to achieve the needed autonomy and commitment  to create perfect moments with his client.

The triptych company / partners, employees and customers is the ecosystem of customer experience.

This blog is a personal contribution to this ecosystem  analysis and  also a way to sharing the successful experiences that are increasingly called upon to shape the future of  companies in search of true and long lasting  relationship with their customers.

For ease of reading we discuss these experiences through several prisms: customer centricity, corporate culture transformation strategy, positive experiences design,  impacts and governance. You recognize  there the necessary steps towards  customer experience implementation.

About the blogger

To Véronique Aboghé Continuous improvement is the heart of her daily work. Her mission in a private company  is to improve the quality of perception that customers have of the brand. This leads to design changes within the company to make  customer experience a positive reality. But it is also and above all to take care of the employee experience. To do this, Véronique Aboghé relies on her expertise in professional and  relationship  development. Her credo is that only a happy employee creates a happy customer. And  trusted companies do  have mutually rewarding business relationship with their clients. Co-creating or revamping this virtuous circle is the key goal. Continuously. Permanently.

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