Dear CEO, where does CEM exactly begin?

If you already are successfully implementing  CX in your company this is not for you.
If you consider, as a CEO, that CX is the next battle ground  for you to step in, to beat your competition, please read this post.

Dear CEO,
Did you know you should be the jealous and exclusive owner of this strategic and cultural transformation of  your company that is Customer Experience?

My point here is to simplify and share with you the set of attitudes and decisions you should pay attention to in this context.
First and foremost  let us see the way you connect with people in your company. As a C level manager and as you thrive to make your brand visible to the world, you should put the exact same kind of energy connecting with your team.

If your commitment is seen by your people and if you keep communicating with them, they will convey the same level of engagement and interest to your customers. Why? Just because they will chose to be happily aboard, they will respect your decisions as management, they will promote the products or services and be supportive of the tools, policies and procedures.When top management connects with the team, the latter finds a meaning daily and translate it into exceptional service quality and tremendous engagement.

But to achieve it all, you will have, as a CEO, to priorly define with HR the profiles fitting your company’s vision and culture. You will thus better attract positive, energetic and friendly people. This is the condition to avoid poor attitude as it leads to poor service. Bad service is known to make company lose more  business than product or price related problems.
To make sure that your customers experiences will be positive, have your HR recruit creative and accountable problem solvers. The kind of people who adore following-up. The kind of people who love people. The kind of people who share your values.

Customers are looking for solutions, aren’t they ?
So make sure that onboarding trainings and continuous improvement programs are built to instal a strong knowledge assurance.
Knowledge of products, policies, procedures and tools is key to provide a superior customer experience. Do not offset in your recruitment to look for this outstanding competence: emotional intelligence without which the understanding of your customers needs remains impossible.

Bear in mind that authenticity will help provide a preserved and constant attention to colleagues and clients. The exact right kind of attention that can blow the competition away and reduce turn over.
Bear in mind that regularly taking both teams and clients pulse will help design better journeys and stay abreast of the real world situation.

But, I have to warn that this journey to the customer’s country may be painful at the beginning. You will have to take the customers part in each and every decision you will make. You will have to resist fears, egotism and create new routes to serve customers. You will have to forget about experts and invite common sense and pragmatism at Ex Co meetings. You will have to imagine how to fulfill the next dream of your customers while having your team excelling at doing the basics daily. You will have to understand that satisfaction is simply a sign that the customer is not complaining, not a promise of loyalty. Therefore you will, you and your team, learn to go beyond customer’s expectations each and every time and at every touch points he may chose.

Dear CEO, if you achieve all of the above , you will pave the way to long lasting and rewarding relationships inside and outside your company.
Once again, customer experience management begins nowhere except at your level. There is no other way.
CX needs to have your back. And this is such a good news.

Véronique Aboghé

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