Customer experience sense can’t be taught

Customer experience is difficult to be taught inside the organization. You can teach products features, sales techniques, and specific software handling but it is quite challenging teaching adults  attitudes such as politeness, availability, respect and humility for instance.
Sure it is still possible to explain to your team that keeping your customers happy is the next competitive battle ground to win, you can set and you have to, a series of KPIs  to measure your own customer experience index, you can implement processes to help your  people follow through and yet you will have to accept that the knowledge, organization and tools provided to create the best customer experience possible can be easily blowed away by the slightest wrong behaviour.
Moreover most companies are so wired to think everything inside out that most of the time when time goes tough the customer is no longer a priority.
Yes,customer experience spirit is hard to get in real life.
Creating continuously good Cxs has a lot to do with values. And values are caught not taught. It also has to do with individual behaviours. And as knowledge is implemented through each and everyone specific behaviours you can imagine how complex it can be to deliver seamless good experiences. Finally creating good customer experiences also has to do with emotion identification, acceptation and handling. And this competence is far from being shared.
Yet, it is possible to foster Cx in any companies. First step is to recruit the right customer centric people aligned with the company values and behaviours , second to continuously improve the team customer focus agility, third to make the company culture a cement,  fourth to show the value added delivered on a daily basis  and at each point of contact by everyone both to the customer and the company.

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