Customer insight: state of mind or way of ( business)life?

To detect if someone has the customer insight just observe the way he relates to the client and particularly the kind of behavior he has.

Most moments of truth situations experienced by clients find their roots in the behavior of some customer relationship professionnals. And we know  behavior is often a mere reflection of our state of mind.

We all happened to deal once with a person who, while we were going through  « difficult » times as a customer, could not imagine any other solution than the one dictated by the procedures. His state of mind was business centricity only. Not customer focused. This kind of myopia creates unhappy customer experiences and frustrates the agent as following the rules does not always maintain him in his confort zone. Following procedures should not prevent creativity and therefore should not offset a solution oriented attitude . Approaching the problem from another angle facilitates the customer’s life and secures long-term business. Moreover it shows the customer that we do care. As Richard Branson stated, companies today think shareholders first, customers second and then finally people. As a matter of fact people are the key and should be empowered to be creative solution providers. Why not initially focus on employees by giving them the means to serve the customer more efficiently ? It is also a way to stay connected to the real world and walk at least at the customer’s pace or at the best, just a step ahead in order to anticipate his needs.

To go

Procedures have to be respected for sure. But they are here to serve both customers and company. They should not protect you from the customers.Procedures can be altered and designed to prevent the company to act stupidly when customers are being smart.
First focus on understanding the moment of truth the customer is going through and share your understanding with her.
Adopt a solution oriented attitude to show your concern and give a set of options for the customer to make is choice. Be creative and keep both customers and company secure.
Give feedback on a regular basis to confort or modify procedures.

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