Employee and customer journeys as tools to refine business strategies

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I was reading a question on LinkedIn   asking what should one do to reboost  poor performances in a company. My first move was to advise what any senior manager would do: staff interviews, swot analysis, balance scorecards, financials reviews, competition analysis, quick victories and a 30/60/90 plan to implement and execute. Than I asked myself: the company is performing poorly from the perspective of exactly who? Obviously that was from the customer’s point of view (I will stop doing business with your company) and the employees point of  view ( we are not performing well anymore).

Their respective journeys analysis would very easily point out where the performance leaks are.

From the employee stand point reviewing each and every steps of his journey to serve customers would drive attention on two key elements for best execution: comfort and efficiency.

From the customer stand point mapping his journey and identifying the critical steps important to him,  would help create perfect deliveries and enjoyable and rewarding moments.

So companies paying constant and disciplined attention to the design of employees and customer journeys do have better possibilities to improve on a daily basis their performances just because they work on delivering happy experiences.

Take away


  • If you are not comfortable in your daily business with your clients they are not going to find that doing business with your company is easy.
  • Identify what are the snares in your  own journey to serve the customer and provide clear evidence that their resolution will stop hampering business and make you happier and therefore more efficient.


You do have two distinct customers: your employees and your clients. Make sure that you know their respective moments of truth and improve their journeys by redesigning those to achieve happy experiences.

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